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Fall in Love with Your Home All Over Again: The Ultimate Fall Prep Checklist!

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Hey, you!

Yes, you, sipping on that pumpkin-spiced latte. Fall is knocking, and it's bringing more than just a change in Starbucks' menu. As the leaves turn and the days get shorter, it’s time to give our homes some TLC. Let's dive into prepping your nest with the Ultimate Fall Prep Checklist for the coziest season of the year. 🍂

Exterior Extravaganza

Gutter Glory: Ever tried water sliding in clogged gutters? Spoiler alert: not fun! Keep those gutters and downspouts clean, ensuring a smooth flow and preventing a waterlogged foundation.

No Room for Critters: Let's keep the cuddling to our blankets and not with surprise critters. Seal gaps and cracks to say bye-bye to unwanted roommates this fall. Click here to read more on this topic from our friends at PestWorld.

Roof Rendezvous: Grab your binoculars and play detective with your roof. Spot any loose shingles? Get them fixed up before the rain does a number on your attic.

Garden Glow-Up: Trim, mulch, and give those plants a pep talk. They need to stay strong during the chilly nights! More on this topic.

Summer Send-Off: Wave goodbye to your summer furniture, but first, give them a clean hug and tuck them in for their winter nap. Consider a storage locker to keep them out of the way.

Interior's Cozy Makeover

Heat’s Up: Warm toes, warm heart, right? Get that heating system checked and humming perfectly. And while you’re at it, toss in a new filter. Clean air = happy lungs.

Draft Dodging: Feeling breezy indoors? Not cool. Or actually, too cool! Weather-strip those windows and doors. And for the cherry on top? Thermal curtains!

Safety Dance: Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors want in on this fall party. Fresh batteries and a test run should do the trick. Stay safe and dance on!

Fan-tastic Tip: Reverse your ceiling fans. It's like giving your room a warm hug from above! More on this topic.

Chim-Chiminey: Planning some fireside cocoa sips? Make sure that chimney is clean and ready to roll. Santa will thank you later.

Emergency Prep (Just in Case)

Essential Stock-Up: When winter storms flirt with fall, be ready with your trusty flashlights, comforting candles, and snack stash. [Link to a list of emergency essentials]

Firewood Fanfare: Got a fireplace? Stock up on dry and seasoned wood. It's nature's way of giving you warm and fuzzy feels! [Link to firewood storage hacks]

All the Feels with Cozy Touches

Bedtime Bliss: Switch to flannel sheets and snuggle-worthy duvets. It's like sleeping in a cloud, but toastier. it can also help you from cranking the heat up, saving you some money on your energy costs.


There you have it, folks!

Your Ultimate Fall Prep Checklist

our guide to making your home the ultimate fall haven. Dive in, prep up, and let's embrace the magic of the season together. Cheers to falling in love with our homes all over again! 🍁

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